Training and Professional Development in TA

A company's training and professional development programs, are top reasons prospective employees decide to work for a company, and current employees, remain with a company. We've taken our combined 60 years of staffing and talent acquisition experience and designed a proprietary, integrated training methodology, specifically for the staffing and TA industry; Top 10 Training MethodologyTM.

'Top 10' is the basis of our training and professional development programs. For Talent Acquisition groups, it targets the recruiting role and focuses on best practices of the Top 10% of recruiters in the industry. 

  • Separate modules designed to create customized training solutions

  • Programs for entry level to experienced recruiters 

  • Individual and team based options

  • Best practices in collaborative techniques between TA and hiring managers 

  • Certification programs 

  • Applicable to most industries in staffing and Talent Acquisition(TA)

  • Promotes efficiency and effectiveness for organizations

  • Combines tactical and value based approaches

  • Management training 

  • Outsourced professional development programs designed to integrate with existing HR programs 

  • Contact us on our training and professional development programs. You will get a response within 24 hours.